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Published on:  09-29-18



Education reform means to change the current education system and implied it into a new manner . In the past it was also done . The social reformers motivate people to do this . As we all knoe that education is the base of life . It is necessary for everybody to get educated . If each and every person of society get educated then the society get changed as the true mankind. Education means not only to study books of a prominent syllabus to get a job . The main focus of education is to make our life as easy as much possible . We say ourselves as the people of the modern society . But the thinking of peoples are not fully get modern . The education which was given in the past to the children is better than now a days . In the previous time student know how to study , how to cook and how to protect ourselves . But now people are just focused on the study of the syllabus to get a better a job . But the social reformers aware people mostly the women about the education through their dramas and etc . And they succeed for what they trying to do . Education should be in every field either it is in singing , dancing and drama .We judt need to make the mind broad for the betterment of our country . Because we need now each type of talent to promote the country . So , its our responsibility to find and support such talent .