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Published on:  09-29-18



In the life of every nation there are certain days which are considered as red letter days of our country . The INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration held on 15th august every year in our country is one of those days. Thus , this day marks the birth of our nation as independent . On this auspicious occasion we all gathered as a unity to feel us proud for that freedom that seems to be impossible at that time when each and every Indian was struggling for the freedom , either by violence or by non-violence that was remarkable . And truly the situation we enjoying now is the result of their sacrifices that they did without thinking about their families and future . The only thing that matters to them was freedom of our country. And surely it is not the result of one or two years , it is the outcome of struggle that had been taken approx 90 years . That was started in 1857 , the first Indian revolt by some great leaders like Mangal Pandey , Rani laxmibai , Peshwa Nana Sahab , Tatya Tope and so many . And after struggling for a long , finally we got independence on 15th august , 1947 . Now, we have been completed our 70 years of independence. So, after all these things here a question came in my mind that – “ AM I REALLY FREE AFTER 70 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE ” . YES, we got our independence 70 years ago. But are we really free ? This question is very diplomatic because here we can say “YES” or “NO” both and both answers have their own reasons also . So, now just look after the values that show us “ we are free or not ?” We can say “YES” we are free after 70 years of independence because after independence we got our constitution , our own education system , our freedom for protest , freedom for think and speak that is democracy where we the common people are superior , we have the right to choose our representative . And that choosen govt. run the country according to our demands and needs . But on the other side , it has worst situation that force me to say “NO” we are not free after 70 years of independence and this answer have very brutal reasons . The biggest problem is that this question stucks in every person’ s mind but we don’t want to think about it because we like to discuss about the politics without any reason or purpose . And this show the real hypocrite nature of our society . We blaim the officers , government or any other one but we never see our own mistake . And on the name of responsibility we hosts the flag on every independence day , republic day or Gandhi jayanti and salute the photo frames of that freedom fighters . But reality is that our soul doesn’t allow us to even stand infront of them . We just got freedom from britishers not from their thoughts . We are still slave of their thinking . The first problem in current situation of our country is - : “CORRUPTION” . It is not a problem that comes or created by the government or upper class people . It started from us either by intensionaly or unintensionaly . When our work take some more time to be done we choose a very easiest way to get our work that is to give the money/bribe and get our work before the time . Previously , it was done at small stages but now it took a monstoreous place in our society . Everything is getting corrupt either it is education system , govt. offices , etc. So , if it is started from us then it is our duty to stop this , is every individual deny the eay of corruption then only we can get a corruption free society and for this we have to wait for our turn and get our work . Say NO to corruption for giving and taking too . Second problem that comes is about our “YOUTH” . We all know that our country’s future totally depend upon our present that refers to our youth sector . But its true somewhere our youth getting distracted and not using their time in profitable way . Because they are still stranger of the word - responsibility due to lack of opportunity . They don’t get enough opportunity to prove themselves . It have a one more reason too and that is – “ RESERVATION ”. And it is one of the reasons that demoralize the youth . Because here reservation is on the basis of caste system that don’t give everyone a equal way of opportunity .And that’s why most of the deserved students choose abroad to shape their career . This . That effects economical condition of our country . So, reservation should be on the basis of economical status not on the caste system. Now , here topic comes to lower class people sustainability that means how they sustain in this costly environment . That leads to –“ INFLATION”. Yes it is very difficult to handle a single person in this costliness whether they have to handle a whole family . It is also the outcome of our work that is wastage that we done . So, we should stop now the wastage for our countrymen where some of them don’t have a single time of meal. It is true women are the mirror of our society , where we judge the country on the development of their women sector and how capable their women sector are ? Things are changing , women are getting equal opportunity and it is undoubtable that they are proving themselves in each and every field . But , the problem not solve about them yet . We said that our country is our home then why should they are not dsafe in their own country ? Why they cant walk on a road at night safely ? They are getting raped again and again , and we only say I will see you in court and start doing candle march . Then what , it tooks years and years to make a justice for a single girls at that time . Because after a rape she has to prove that she was raped and then again raped by the questions of society like :- she must be wear shorts , must have a relationship with that boy , she don’t need to go outside and whwn all elser fails blaim the momk , that her mom must be a characterless that she doesn’t teach her daughter properly . Then what about that sexual harrasements that happen in their homes by their relatives because in every 10 minutes a girl harassed by her own family member . So, we can say respect of women is just on the day of durga pooja or saraswati pooja and all else is fake . We even cant support them , the women like sonali bannerjee – the acid attack victim . We just made them a victim inspite of taking their name . So, we can say “NO” we are really not free after 70 years of independence . The reasons are given above . The real independence will be that when we will get a job on our merit in our country , when not a single person of our country sleep without eating , when a girl never complaint about a man for misbehaving and free to shape her life according to her .And surely we get that INDIA one day and we all made that INDIA by each and every person’s contribution.